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The IAEA-IRAN Vienna Summit: Another line crossed?

The P5+1 summit in Istanbul on April the 14th has made everyone focus on what Iran should do to appease fears concerning its nuclear program.

And yet, up until now, most of Iran’s past transgressions, non-compliances or violations of UN-IAEA guidelines remain unanswered and will most probably go unanswered in the future. Unanswered questions that give Iran precious time to continue with its program as it pleases.

Questions that may never have to be answered if Iran does finally develop a bomb because, quite simply, a nuclear arsenal allows its owners to turn a deaf ear to facts and questions.

The last two IAEA reports display a series of facts and specific questions relating to covert plans and experiments linked to the development of a nuclear bomb, denial of access to information and nuclear/military plants, excessive uranium enrichment beyond domestic electricity needs.

We gathered 24 acts from the IAEA reports which remain unanswered to this date. In the end, it really comes down to one simple question: Is Iran building or planning to build a nuclear bomb?

Iran does have an answer to that question in the form of a purported fatwa (a religious decree) by its supreme leader Khamenei to never produce nor use a weapon of mass destruction since it is a sin. Iran’s answer completes the logic that begins in the fatwa: If there is not motive and therefore no program, then, there cannot really be any transgressions only unfortunate misunderstandings.

As this blog’s purpose is to supply a clear and informative picture of Iran’s nuclear process we cannot offer an analysis of Iran’s intentions or the validity of its religious arguments. We can however present the following information inn a simple format and leave it for analysts, commentators and publicists to evaluate the facts.

  The visuals are brought courtesy of the Iran 24/7 Initiative and are released under a CC BY NC  license -Attribution-NonCommerial 3.0 Unported.

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