2011 Annex


ANNEX Possible Military Dimensions to Iran’s Nuclear Programme 1. This Annex consists of three Sections: Section A, which provides an historical overview of theAgency’s efforts to resolve questions about the scope and nature of Iran’s nuclear programme, inparticular regarding concerns about possible military dimensions; Section B, which provides a general description of the sources of […]

Annex | Historical Review

A. Historical Overview 2. Since late 2002, the Director General has reported to the Board of Governors on the Agency’sconcerns about the nature of Iran’s nuclear programme. Such concerns coincided with the appearance in open sources of information which indicated that Iran was building a large underground nuclear related facility at Natanz and a heavy […]

Annex | Credibility of Information

B. Credibility of Information 12. As indicated in paragraph 6 above, among the information available to the Agency is the alleged studies documentation: a large volume of documentation (including correspondence, reports, view graphsfrom presentations, videos and engineering drawings), amounting to over a thousand pages. The information reflected in that documentation is of a technically complex […]

Annex | Nuclear Explosive Development Indicators & Programme management structure

C. Nuclear Explosive Development Indicators 17. Within its nuclear programme, Iran has developed the capability to enrich uranium to a level of upto 20% U-235, declared to be for use as fuel in research reactors. In the absence of any indicators that Iranis currently considering reprocessing  irradiated nuclear fuel to extract plutonium,23 the Agency has, […]

Annex | Procurement activities & Nuclear material acquisition

C.2. Procurement activities 25. Under the AMAD Plan, Iran’s efforts to procure goods and services allegedly involved a number of ostensibly private companies which were able to provide cover for the real purpose of the procurements. The Agency has been informed by several Member States that, for instance, Kimia Maadan was a covercompany for chemical […]

Annex | Nuclear components for an explosive device & Detonator development

C.4. Nuclear components for an explosive device 31. For use in a nuclear device, HEU retrieved from the enrichment process is first converted to metal. The metal is then cast and machined into suitable components for a nuclear core. 32. As indicated in paragraph 5 above, Iran has acknowledged that, along with the handwritten onepage […]

Annex | Initiation of high explosives and associated experiments

C.6. Initiation of high explosives and associated experiments 41. Detonators provide point source initiation of explosives, generating a naturally diverging detonation wave. In an implosion type nuclear explosive device, an additional component, known as a multipointinitiation system, can be used to reshape the detonation wave into a converging smooth implosion to ensure uniform compression of […]