24 Acts of Non Compliance by Iran – A new Info graphic

Relevant more than ever in light of the upcoming P5 + 1 and Iran Summit, attached is a new infographic based on recent IAEA reports which includes 24 specific acts of non-compliance. This info is free to use, quote and repost in any manner you see fit and is meant to shed light on Iran’s […]

A Decade of Agreement Violations – The Infographic

Attached are both info graphic formats- video and PDF for free use and distribution.

Info-graph References

Enclosed are linked refrences for the info-graph PDF, citations in their full contexts: 2000-2003 Natanz Large underground nuclear related facility exposed at Natanz Arak Heavy water moderated nuclear reactor…and heavy water production plant at Arak are exposed   “Project 111” “Engineering studies to… integrate a new spherical payload into the existing payload chamber… mounted in the […]