Iran turns down another negotiation attempt by the IAEA

 The U.N. nuclear watchdog and Iran failed on Friday to strike a deal aimed at allaying concerns about suspected nuclear weapons research by Tehran, a setback in efforts to resolve the stand-off diplomatically before any Israeli or U.S. military action (Reuters). A flurry of bellicose rhetoric from some Israeli politicians this month has fanned speculation that Israel […]

Iran2407 : Hot Evidence To Nuclear Coverup in Parchin

Evidence of “Cleaning Up”: “Water…used as part of…attempt to wash out radiological evidence from hydrodynamic testing…grinding down the surfaces inside the building, collecting the dust and then washing the area thoroughly….followed with use of new building materials and paint. Washing alone runs the risk of contaminating the wider area outside. Removal of the surrounding, contaminated […]

Baghdad: Another line Bites the Dust?

Click the caricature to see the enlarged PDF version This weeks 5 + 1 conference and diplomatic activity around Iranian nuclear operations we all witness, aroused the subject for a while; however referring the experience UN, IAEA and world leaders have with Iranian delegation does not give much room for optimism and Iran2407 keeps the skeptical vision on the matter and the […]

The IAEA-IRAN Vienna Summit: Another line crossed?

The P5+1 summit in Istanbul on April the 14th has made everyone focus on what Iran should do to appease fears concerning its nuclear program. And yet, up until now, most of Iran’s past transgressions, non-compliances or violations of UN-IAEA guidelines remain unanswered and will most probably go unanswered in the future. Unanswered questions that […]

24 Acts of Non Compliance by Iran – A new Info graphic

Relevant more than ever in light of the upcoming P5 + 1 and Iran Summit, attached is a new infographic based on recent IAEA reports which includes 24 specific acts of non-compliance. This info is free to use, quote and repost in any manner you see fit and is meant to shed light on Iran’s […]

2011 Report | A – B

A. Introduction 1. This report of the Director General to the Board of Governors and, in parallel, to the Security Council, is on the implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement1 and relevant provisions of Security Council resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran). 2. The Security Council has affirmed that the steps required by […]

2011 Report | C

C. Enrichment Related Activities 7. Contrary to the relevant resolutions of the Board of Governors and the Security Council, Iran has notsuspended its enrichment related activities in the following declared facilities, all of which arenevertheless under Agency safeguards.   C.1. Natanz: Fuel Enrichment Plant and Pilot Fuel Enrichment Plant 8. Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP): There […]